ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black Out Elegance

It gets really cold during winter where I live. Furry coats and at least two layers of socks are necessary in order to get from your house to the car. Unexpectedly, this winter treats us with an unusually warm weather. It is not by any means hot in here, but at least you can wear a thinner coat and leave your knitted hat at home. All the Fashionistas/os are taking advantage of the nice weather. This particular Fashionista is taking everyday elegance to a whole new level.

Her all-black outfit with a gray coat is completely flawless. She added just the right amount of jewelry, and all the different textures create an interesting look. A black turtleneck is paired up with an A-line black leather skirt. Her long gold necklace catches people’s attention without looking too flashy and breaking the balance of the look. It is an absolutely beautiful necklace with oriental details and a gentle looking white stone. Opaque black tights and black knee-high boots keep it simple and polished. A classic doctor black bag has gold details that match both the necklace and the details on her boots. It is subtle, yet adds a little bit of bling.

Her unstructured gray coat completes this look. It adds the color, tones down the edgy feel of the skirt and it is the key piece that keeps the outfit so elegant. She also added a black infinity scarf that just “belongs” to the rest of the ensemble. Her silver rings don’t clash with the gold detailing and look so lovely on her fingers. Also her soft curls and berry red lips add a romantic feel to the outfit.

This look is so elegant and classy because it has the perfect amount of details and just the right amount of spice to it. It is perfect for a nice dinner, a meeting with a professor, meeting with parents or pretty much any possible occasion.

How To: Get a thin black sweater. Pair it with a black leather skirt, boots and a coat. Add some jewelry of your choice, but make sure to keep it classy and simple.