ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black on Black on Blue

With an overpopulation of oversized sweaters, it becomes the Fashionista’s job to break the mold and adventure into unknown territory of cold weather style. This Fashionista tackles the challenge by using simple details to create the perfect balance between grunge and girly.

To create this balance, our Fashionista focuses on colors. By mixing blues and blacks, an edgy feel develops. Tights are not only a great addition to the outfit but they’re perfect for the colder days in Gainesville. The skirt also contrasts the tights. Often times we’re tempted to avoid mixing blues and blacks but since both colors are neutral, they make a great pair. By integrating neutral colors throughout an outfit a Fashionista can have a simple look that still evokes curiosity.

The details incorporated within the style further counterbalance the overall edgy feel. With a style mainly centered on dark colors, the jeweled bracelets add a feminine touch. Stacking bracelets creates interest and appeal. The details of these bracelets in particular are extremely unique and individualize the entire ensemble. Although the bracelets are embellished, the necklaces are not. Two simple gold necklaces are small details that embody both the simplicity and complexity of the overall outfit. Not only does the lace skirt add a sense of femininity, it also creates visual interest. Textures are great details when it comes to any look. The lace contrasted by tights and a T-shirt helps achieve the balance between grunge and girly.

Finally, the black combat boots, black socks and tights not only keep the Fashionista warm but work to develop the urban aspect of the look. Concert T-shirts are also a simple clothing option that can create the grungy vibe. By incorporating a concert T-shirt, the Fashionista is now expressing both her style and music taste.

Integrating details allows a Fashionista to add his or her own personality to a look. This Fashionista individualizes her look by using jewelry, concert T-shirts and texture. Any outfit can be unique; don’t be afraid to mix colors and concepts to create a personalized look.

How To: Take your favorite concert T-shirt and mix and match styles. Try to achieve a gothic look and then add preppy details. A floral skirt contrasted by an urban T-shirt and oversized green army jacket make a distinct combination. By combining styles you can distinguish a personal style that’s both fun and unique.