ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black on Black

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black on Black

Hello Fashionista/os! Today we will look at this fall style of this Fashionista: black on black! 

Fall has started and you know, in the city where I am leaving, it already started to be very cold. However, the weather is always changing. This Fashionista has found the perfect clothes adapted to this weather and to keep her style on top at the same time. 

Black is the color that we can wear every day and you know that black on black is the perfect outfit! I love this style, I am calling it “comfy, sporty and stylish.” Just look at how she succeeded into mixing those three different styles. 

When it is too cold she can wear her black and grey scarf—this will make this outfit comfy. However what is interesting here is that she also has this sweet grey crop top and that allows her to still be stylish. She decided to add a small rocky style with her leather jacket. 

These moms jean are everything, don’t you think? I am starting to fall more and more in love with these jeans, you can wear and be comfy and stylish at the same time. It is the beginning of the end of slim jeans, let’s be comfy Fashionistas!

Finally, the sporty part of this stunning outfit! This Nike shoes are also very comfy. I really like how she combined this outfit, it looks very comfortable! I also adore her jewelries! The red bag adds a few colors to her black look. 

I really love the style of this Fashionista, she has understood everything!