ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black Is The New Black

I’m just gonna say it, once and for all, black is always going to be the new black. Mastering the art of black on black is arguably one of the most important skills a Fashionista/o can acquire. It is so important because there will literally never be an event, except maybe a tea party, where an all-black look is inappropriate. An all-black look can be hard to master without verging on Avril Lavigne circa “Sk8r Boi,” but this Fashionista hit it right on the head in this ensemble.

Sporting an upscale, all-black look, this Fashionista took on one of the sunnier days Fordham has seen since the beginning of this seemingly endless winter. She layered a basic, black long sleeve beneath a fuzzy vest. She paired the top with a pair of black leggings, featuring leather knee patches. The leather of the knees contrasts with the softness of the vest, adding just the right amount of texture to the outfit.

What really brought this whole look together was this Fashionista’s impeccable taste in accessories. To complete her look, this Fashionista accessorized with metallic accents, pink lipstick and black sunglasses. The metal studs of her combat boots look great with the silver chain of her necklace and contribute a little sparkle to her otherwise monochromatic outfit. I was pleasantly surprised to notice the way she did not forget to accessorize her hands. First, check out her flawless deep purple manicure. It is such a great winter shade that complemented the black so well. Mixing metals, she had on one gold and one silver ring, keeping the metallic accents present from top to bottom. Continuing to use makeup to break up the the black on black she’s rocking, this Fashionista chose a light pink lipstick to soften the look. Topping it all off, she proves that sunglasses aren’t just for the beach, effortlessly pulling off a square-framed pair.

How To: Afraid to wear black on black? This Fashionista proves that all-black everything doesn’t have to be so hardcore. Achieve a glamorous, black look by playing with textures and accessories. Layer a textured piece over a basic shirt or dress, and pair it with some accent shoes. Top it all off with a pair of sweet sunnies, and you’re on your way!