ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black Cat? No, Black Hat!

March 11th, 2016 at 2:00am

For some Fashionistas on Howard’s Historically Black campus, the end of February (and this rare leap year) also marks the end of Black History Month. What better way to celebrate the end than wearing all-black in March? Whether black is worn for the purpose of symbolism or a chic fashion statement, it seems like we can’t get away from all-black outfits just yet. I have stressed my value for simplicity and black is a color that can elicit a look that is candidly chic.

This Fashionista, who I came across outside of the School of Business, meant business in her little black hat from Forever 21. Although it covered her beautiful blonde locks, the hat added a chic element to her everyday class attire. This is the perfect accessory for a lazy day, or worse, a bad hair day. We’ve all had days we wished we could just hide our hair from the world and statement hats will always save the day!  Fortunately for all of us, fedoras and floppy hats add a commanding flair to any ensemble.

At this point, everyone has their go-to statement leather jacket to throw on, knowing that they will look great. She wore an adorable, asymmetrical swing top to add dimensions to her simple look. Cuffed skinny jeans and black booties keep the bottom half of her outfit in line with the rest of her look. I admired how she had on no distracting accessories or “pop of color” and still managed to stand out to me.

How To:  A hat is the first item in the “Howard Girl Starter Kit” and needs to become an item in a national “Fashionista Starter Kit.” We will all have days where we don’t want to show our hair or simply want to wear a hat! If you’re feeling this way, find a statement hat in the color that suits you best. All you have to do is make sure it complements the rest of your outfit!