Much love and respect goes out to Fashionistas across the globe, but this Fashionista ,in particular, can be called nothing less than a BOSS. Looking pretty in below freezing weather should be a challenge, but this Fashionista pulled it off with no problem. This PR student made a bold statement in her charismatic faux fur, leopard print coat, but seemingly, my eyes wondered to the landscape at which she gave the fur to rest.

To make a bold statement in a faux fur leopard print coat is, in the words of mean girl Gretchen, “fetch,” but a bold statement means nothing without a great base to work with. Key words to live by: effortless and elegant—insert black on black on black, rebel Fashionista strutting to class with Starbucks cup (re-useable of course) in hand.

To make the perfect outfit with a perfect statement piece, one must also possess the perfect accessory; enter a bit of sass. Walking the colorful pavements of any campus while heading to class; however, dutiful can be slightly dreadful without the right attitude. A bit of sass and a stellar outfit can make the coldest days a little brighter or warmer, I would say.

How To: Incorporate a cozy sweater dress with most importantly thick tights (it’s a must to keep those legs warm) topped off with casual boots made for walking and you’ve got an outfit any Fashionista would be proud to rock. Be it sophisticated, edgy, fashion-forward or rock ‘n’ roll bad a** , all-black everything says I’m here to kill it.