Finals are quickly approaching here in UC-Santa Cruz. The amount of work and papers are starting to pile up as the quarter comes to an end. I’ve been lacking fashion inspiration lately in my daily outfits because of the overwhelming work. The last thing I want to do during finals season is to spend hours in the morning finding “the outfit of the day.” Thankfully, this Fashionista I found at downtown Santa Cruz showed me how easy it is to look instantly put together with her black and white ensemble.

In terms of the color palette, she chose black and white for a classic look. Both colors have always been complementary to most color schemes, so they make styling so much more simpler and easier. She paired her high-waisted black ankle jeans with a white collared blouse for a clean and sleek look. In order to make her look more casual, she threw on an oversized speckled black cardigan with distressed shoulder pads. The slouchy black cardigan adds more of an edge to her otherwise formal ensemble. As for accessories, she opted for a pair of oxford flats and a small bag from her mom for comfort.

The black and white monochromatic ensemble looked amazing on this Fashionista. Her outfit was classy and effortlessly chic. If you ever run out of fashion ideas in the morning, try mixing and matching black and white pieces for a more polished look.

How To: Do you have a lot of black or white pieces lying around your closet? Pair them up with a interesting look. You can pair your favorite black jeans with a texturized white top or pair black or white pieces of different textures for a monochromatic look.