Earlier in the summer, I wrote that it was time to start putting some thought back into what we wear each day. I know we’re all enjoying our time off from classes, but is it really necessary to wear athletic shorts and tank tops everyday? I promise that you can still look cute and be comfortable at the same time.

Before I dive into the main detail in this article, let’s talk about the more apparent pieces in the Fashionista’s look. T-shirts in soft hues with a loose fit are very versatile pieces and are extremely comfortable. You can tuck them into high-waisted shorts or let them hang loose with other shorts or even a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans as seen above.

The perfect way to accessorize this combination is with a comfortable pair of sandals and a long necklace to add some flair to your top. Forever 21 has great necklaces all at low prices, which make them perfect for experimenting.

Now, it’s time to focus on the main detail.

If you’re like me, then your mom taught you that there was nothing classy about letting any part of your bra, not even the straps, show through or stick out. However, now it seems to be perfectly acceptable, and even in style, to let parts of your bralette show. Maybe this is due to the fact that bras are considered to be scandalous and only for the wearer to see, while bralettes are more known as cropped top camis with some built in support. Whatever the reason, take enjoyment in their comfort and no longer having to look down to check your top.

However, a key component to letting a bit of bralette show is to make sure it matches another part of your outfit in a subtle way. Look at the Fashionista’s bralette, tears on her jeans and her toe polish. All are the same color.

How To: Next time you’re wanting a bit of comfort and style, try a bralette in a soft hue or neutral tone. Try to only let a little show, about the same amount as if it were a cami.