June 15th, 2016 at 2:10am

Who says you cannot be fashionable on your morning commute? Functional and fashionable is the name of the game this season. Casual wear is on runways and sneakers are now designer pieces. Brands like adidas, Moschino, Puma and Gucci released designer sneakers that have become statement pieces in Fashionista’s/o’s outfits, rather than gym shoes exiled to the back of their closets.

Whether it be walking, driving, biking or catching a train to work, most people will agree that a comfy pair of sneakers is the way to go for a hectic morning. This Fashionista bikes a remarkable 22 miles to work at the Hyatt resort on the gorgeous Clearwater, Florida shore everyday. No wonder she is in such great shape! When I asked about her style she pointed to her sneakers and laughed; she says her outfits revolve around her trusty sneakers that allow her to embark on her daily journey every morning. While everyone may not have such an admirable commute, that does not mean we shouldn’t give our feet a break. Who doesn’t love casual wear anyway?

Expensive name brands, such as adidas’ new hit line with Kanye West, may be the perfect trendy, yet casual, addition to your wardrobe—but if you are anything like me, you lean towards the more economical choices. This chic Fashionista’s trusty sneakers are none other than a pair of classic white Converse high-tops with a sketched-on design along the side. Converse have been in style ever since my parents were kids because of their comfortable style, reasonable price and classic silhouette. While her sneakers sure look like they have been through an ordeal, they are still going strong. Her worn in sneakers are not only comfortable from the constant wear, but also edgy and give off an effortlessly trendy vibe.

She also manages to easily pair the white Converse with whatever strikes her fancy that day. Since it is all about the comfort for her, today she went for a feminine striped navy and white skirt with a lace navy cropped top. Biking 22 miles in a skirt? She might as well be Wonder Woman! And of course you can’t miss her bold sunset colored hair, which acts as an accessory in making a statement. Need not worry about being too casual when you have hair like hers. Add in her edgy gold chain necklace and gold-framed sunglasses, and we have one chic biker.

How To: Do not be afraid to pull out your favorite pair of comfortable sneakers you only wear on family camping trips. A pair of worn in sneakers with a few basic pieces can completely transform your look. Dress down a mini dress for a day at school or pair with boyfriend jeans to take on the ‘90s grunge trend.