ALL IN THE DETAILS: Better The Leather

Texture is arguably one of the most important components of an outfit. I am immediately drawn to a fur coat or a fun neoprene clutch when I’m shopping. If it feels good and is pretty enough, you can catch me standing there and rubbing it against my face for hours. One of the most powerful textures in the fashion world is leather. It can be seen on everything from backpacks to dresses and everything in-between.

When I came across this Fashionisto sporting the perfect touch of leather, I had to document it. A tasteful amount in the arms and pockets of his jacket adds a bit of sleekness and differing texture to the outfit. I also love how he coupled it with a thicker knit sweater to add even more texture. Pairing traditional black leather with other neutrals gives the outfit an interesting twist but keeps it minimalistic.

Guys cannot go wrong with a traditional black skinny jean. They are flattering and will convince any Fashionistas that they are uber stylish. Desert boots would have to be my favorite men’s footwear. They are sleek and versatile–able to be translated to both day and night.

I will always be a fan of a little leather detail. It’s always important to remember to play with texture in an outfit. So next time you’re shopping, pick up that leather pocket shirt and rock it. I will be here snuggling up in my fur coat.

How To: For those ready to let a little leather into their life, try a leather trimmed jacket for men or women and get ready to impress.