ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bending the Winter-Hues Rules

Whoever created the unsaid rule that bold colors couldn’t be worn in the fall and winter is entirely out of their mind. But, it seems like the day Fashionistas and Fashionistos pack up their summer shorts and sandals is the same day they stop wearing sunny shades. Not that there is anything wrong with dark ensembles (I myself am a frequent wearer of head-to-toe black), but there is a problem with not letting yourself wear a color because it’s deemed “too summery.”

This Fashionista proves that you can indeed wear a bright color in the fall! After all, fall is filled with vibrant, cascading leaves of reds, oranges and golds. Her bag is a perfect example of this trick. Perhaps we shy away from bright colors because we want to blend in with the dulling scenery of leaves and plants after they’ve lost their colors, but let’s not do that! Let’s not compromise our normally exciting styles.

If you are a fan of bold jewelry but you don’t want to lose that aspect of your style to a blasé winter coat, consider draping a patterned scarf over the look like this Fashionista. A scarf that flutters in the chilled breeze exudes glamour and confidence, so does a chic hat. It’s not easy finding the perfect hat that’s both functional and fashionable, but once you’ve found it, you’ve got it for life. As a final touch to this accessorized style, the Fashionista selected a pair of fishnet tights. This is a genius choice, considering it adds a bit of steaminess to an otherwise chilly ensemble.

If you feel the desire to defy the temptation of bundling up in humdrum hues, please follow that desire. A simple pop of color or bold accessory transforms your mindset from, “It’s cold and all I want is to be invisible and indoors,” to “Sure, it’s cold. But if I’ve got to walk to class in this icy weather, I might as well look great doing so!”

How To: Choose an outfit and then add bold accessory/accessories. Once complete, strut around campus with confidence!