As Fashionistas, we must never forget the importance of accessories. They can elevate any look and instantly make you feel more fashionable. This summer you may be tempted to ditch the stacks of bracelets and chunky necklaces due to a new wave of trendy accessories, the Coachella-ready metals. From head chains to hand chains and dangly belts, there are endless ways to incorporate these pieces into your summer wardrobe.

This Fashionista paired a plain black romper with a bohemian-inspired belt chain and some strappy sandals. While her clothes themselves were not anything particularly notable, her impeccable accessorizing caught my eye right away. The best part, according to this Fashionista, was how quickly she could put the outfit together.

“It was easy to just throw on and walk out of the door. It didn’t take much thinking,” she said.

This is indeed correct. Because the heavy embellishments are a statement on their own, curating an outfit does not have to be a separate task. With that being said, this is the perfect solution for those of us who struggle with finding something to wear in the morning. An outfit like this takes little effort but gives the illusion that you spent more time getting ready than you actually did.

How To: This fashion-forward jewelry can be intimidating at first, but the trick is to keep your clothing as simple as possible and let the accessories speak for themselves. To do this, go for a solid T-shirt or casual dress as your base outfit. To complete your look, add some texturizing spray to your hair and loosely curl the face-framing strands. Keep your makeup simple and natural.