ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bell-Bottoms, Bralettes and Belts, Oh My!

Indian summer has sprung upon us here in San Francisco and we have all the bright colors busting out of the closet. Take the day off black, or maybe a couple weeks because the heat is here in San Francisco and everyone loves it.

I had spotted a Fashionista on campus at San Francisco State, and just loved her outfit. How could you miss a Fashionista like this one with all the details she has going on in such a trendy outfit?

First and foremost, lets talk about what stands out the most in her outfit, the printed bell-bottoms. Of course I’m a fan of these type of bell-bottoms because they are the great combination of comfy and cute. That’s so 70’s and hippie collaborated and created heaven in pants. They have hit all shopping stores you could possibly think of and they come in all sorts of designs, colors, and styles. The vintage pattern and color are what helped her build onto her outfit. The seafoam green in the pants help the accessories shine a lot more than expected.

Let’s not forget about the addition to the waistband, the dangly silver belt. These belts happen to be the perfect outfit topper to just about any type of outfit! Whether that is with a dress, shorts with a tucked in blouse, paired with a baiting suit or an outfit like such, the belt pulls the whole outfit together. Even though the pants already have a lot going on, the belt fits just right and stimulates the waistband more.

The last article of clothing that this Fashionista is wearing that I would like to address is her edgy bralette. I talked briefly about my love for bralettes in my previous article and this Fashionista shares the same love for them too. This type of bralette ultimately serves the same purpose as a necklace would. The cut-outs in the bralette make a loud and edgy statement. Just like the dangly silver belt, they can pull any outfit together.

How To: As you can see, this outfit serves a lot of details that are trendy right now so it is hard to focus on just one. Everything that has been addressed can be worn together in almost any outfit, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. They will bring either the edginess that you wanted in an outfit or help make your accessories shine even more than before.