ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beauty and the Bell

As the new release of Beauty and the Beast is taking over all theaters, this Fashionista is winning over the hearts of all the viewers who look her way. We all have that desire to be a princess in our dreams but this Fashionista was able to bring her princess style to life by making her style accessible to the streets.

This Fashionista has combined class with sass to create a royal look but for a style that all are buzzing about. What’s her magic spell? Bringing out the “Belle” in all of us, bell sleeves. The flow of the sleeves reminisces back to when we were all little kids swinging around to ring around the rosie. This look can be taken seriously or with just one spin, light up the room.

To keep the groove going, this Fashionista paired her beautiful bell top with flare jeans. Flare jeans are quickly making their return back to being number one seller for a day out with friends. The light-wash color makes the outfit stand out more because it is not overpowering the uniqueness of the bell top. Flare jeans are a statement.

To top off her royal look to her Fashionista style, she has incorporated her signature wedges. The wedges highlight the outfit to a tee. The height of the shoe adds on to her princess incorporation because again, it is a statement. Standing out is what a princess does best by making herself known. This outfit does just that by being a Pinterest perfect look.

Just as Beauty and the Beast is making its new release to the top so is this Fashionista with her stylish look. Bell and flare are a perfect pair. This Fashionista was able to bring out her inner princess and so can you by finding essential elements that would rock the ball.