ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beautiful in Blue

August 19th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beautiful in Blue

What’s better than a visit from your bestie on a cool summer’s day? Not much…especially when that bestie struts in showing off some new items from her extremely fashionable summer wardrobe. 

This Fashionista knocked on my door after her hot date, rocking a look that perfectly aided her transition from lunch date to bestie hang time. She impeccably matched her favorite pair of blue jeans and a gorgeously bright smile with some undeniably adorable clogs and a blue striped button-down. She also flawlessly pulled off a monochromatic color scheme while adding her own little touch of fabulous. Focusing her outfit on the medium wash blue color of her jeans, she accessorized with a well-chosen belt and shoes which similar orange-brown colors tied the entire outfit together. An outfit can never be dull with a pop of complementing color. Also, the blue color scheme that her style was centered around was suiting her well and you can almost never have too much of a color that boosts your amazing style. After all, it was Coco Chanel who said, “the best color in the world, is the color that looks good on you.”

This Fashionista completed her outfit with a natural makeup look consisting of only her most loved mascara and some dry shampoo. She made the perfect choice in keeping her makeup simply natural. It wonderfully complemented the entire look by adding simplicity to simplicity. Looking fab Fashionista!

How to: Have you been contemplating the monochromatic color scheme but been unsure of how to pull the outfit together? It’s easier than you’re making it seem. Just pick a beautiful, basic base color like blue or white and accessorize with a pop of harmonizing color. If you’re trying this look in the summer time, make sure you stick to light and bright colors.