As the cool fall temperatures continue to drop and winter will be quickly approaching, the need for warmer clothing and accessories, as well as more layers, grows. One of the most popular fall/winter trends that never fails to go out of style each and every year is the beanie! Not only is this accessory perfect for keeping you warm through all of your favorite winter activities, such as ice skating dates, picking out the Christmas tree and hanging up the outdoor lights, but it also is a simple and cute way to make your favorite cold weather looks that much better!

Of course, there are numerous Fashionistas/os that I come across each day that are rocking their beanies in a variety of different ways. However, when I spotted this Fashionista walking to class in her perfect winter ensemble, I knew it was one that I wanted to share with you all. Her look is simple, yet put together, and can be achieved in minutes. I love that she chose garments and accessories of a variety of different colors, yet they all work in harmony to create a unified and well fashioned look. Her olive coat serves as the central piece to her look, while she uses her black and white striped scarf, along with a burgundy beanie and plain black ballet flats to complete her outfit. To add a touch of glam, she paired her ensemble with a gold watch and adorable beige cross body bag.

How To: Luckily for all of you, this perfect fall/winter look is super easy to achieve at any budget! Start with a pair of dark jeans or black jeans/leggings, paired with a plain t-shirt underneath. Next, add an olive parka overtop, adding a fun neutral colored scarf and beanie. To complete the look, choose a pair of simple shoes, such as black ballet flats, pictured here, or boots, along with gold or other neutral toned accessories such as bracelets, small bags or rings.