ALL IN THE DETAILS: Beanie Bummin'

As spring is approaching and the workload seems to be getting tougher, it can become difficult to want to get all dolled up everyday.  Some days even just trying to tame your wild bedhead can seem impossible. However, while the weather is just starting to warm up for summer, a beanie can be an awesome option to conquer the cold and your messy hair. The simple addition of a hat or beanie to an outfit can change the whole attitude of the ensemble. Your hair can sometimes be your best accessory, but on days when it is just not working out for you, and there is no time to try and overcome the struggle of fixing it, an underestimated piece like a beanie can add so much. They are not a big investment either, and there are so many options out there in numerous stores as they continue to flood the market. So don’t feel like it will take forever to find the right one or even one that fits your budget range.

This Fashionista kept warm, comfy and cute with her gray knit beanie. She paired the beanie with a cozy knit T-shirt and snug sweater. For a pop of color, she threw on a green pair of sweatpants and to top it off, she added a basic pair of fur-lined boots to stay extra warm. This outfit is great for a quick coffee run, when you need a little pick me up while studying. It is also perfect for going on a stroll through the park or window-shopping on Main Street. It will keep you warm without being too bulky and always keep you looking stylish at the same time.

How To: When spring fever has caught you in a slump, don’t feel like your style has to lose it too! Add dimension to your outfit by putting on a beanie with your favorite casual outfit. There are so many kinds out there, so shop around and find what style suits you best.