ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bead-azzle Me Red

It adds a bit of dazzle and a dash of pizazz! Beads and embroidery can really make an outfit pop. A lot of times they’re the focal point of the ensemble because they are so detailed and intricate. This Fashionista’s flowing sundress is bright and vibrant in color, great to match the summer mood. But what really makes this dress is the beaded detail in the neckline.

The red color for the dress is an attention getter and is balanced out with dark beads. The black and gray beads keep the outfit looking classy and chic. She didn’t overdo it with excessive bead work and crazy colors. The beads on the neckline also act as their own accessory! That way you don’t have to worry about wearing a necklace.

To accompany the dress, the Fashionista wore black sandals, a watch and rings, all of which helped to amp up the look. The black sandals are simple but cute. They don’t distract from the flowing dress and match well with the beadwork up top. Her choice of accessories is a gold watch and rings to add glitz. The new color contrasts the black and gray in the dress but adds to the outfit overall.

How To: Beading and embroidery is a must in the summer, so you can find a similar dress or even a top in many stores. Go for light colors and an overall balanced color palate. Sometimes you find bright dresses with crazy colored beads. Though a dress like this is very vibrant, I would recommend steering away from it because the outfit can get too busy and distracting. Stick to a solid color and complementing bead design. Also, here’s a secret to carrying color in the outfit: you always want to pull colors from the detail and incorporate it throughout the outfit in small doses. For example, this Fashionista had small black beads in her dress. She used the black color to match her sandals. Using this method creates cohesiveness in the outfit and prevents you from going color crazy.