Ladies and gentlemen, winter is finally upon us. The temperature has dropped to zero, the wind has picked up speed and you can’t walk around campus without seeing clumps of snow everywhere. Here in Syracuse, the sky is now officially gray until April so say goodbye sunshine and hello snow.

While the winter may be cold and dreary, that doesn’t mean your outfit has to be. This week’s focus is on accessorizing for the cold. Yes, we all look like huge snowmen with our ridiculous winter jackets, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look fabulous.

I chose to make my winter look a little more fun and a little more me. I added a fun necklace on top of the jacket to give an extra piece of flare. I matched my hat to my leg warmers and I added a cool pair of sunglasses, which my friends have renamed “the snow goggles” to complete the outerwear look.

Fun ways to make any winter look unique include: leg warmers, sunglasses, necklaces, big chunky scarfs, fashionable snow boots and fun colorful backpacks. This will give your boring winter look a bit more pizzazz and make you look the coolest amongst a sea of snowmen. I can promise people will be giving you a double-take not because you are dying of hypothermia, but because you will look amazing.

As always, stay tuned for more and stay fab!

How To: Sad you are missing out on some Vitamin D? Don’t worry! Your glow from your fabulously accessorized winter outfit will have you feeling confident and hot in a heartbeat. Grab your winter jacket, get a hat and matching pair of leg warmers. Add your favorite necklace to the top and maybe even a cool pair of knit gloves for the final touch.