ALL IN THE DETAILS: Be Bold and Stay Golden

Traveling, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to find new trends and styles. While easily adjusting to the looks that are a constant on your campus, traveling to a new area can open your eyes to new inspirations. The best advice I’ve received and can give is to travel as much and as far as you can. Traveling can be the biggest learning and growing experience a person can gain and as a Fashionista, you can gain so many fashion insights.

This past week I traveled south of the East Coast, visited the beach and was ecstatic to see the difference in style. Though living in a more rural area, it was nice to see the carefree, colorful attire. While at the beach, one trend that captured my eye were the body chain accessories. The body chain accessory can be a great addition to one’s outfit. The chains can be worn underneath T-shirts or on top of dresses, and if you’re laying pool side or tanning at the beach, they can be paired with your bathing suit to add a bit of personality.

As I witnessed different ways to accessorize with the body chain, one Fashionista in particular stood out the most to me. Her dress was vibrant and she accessorized with a gold body chain and paired her dress with black gladiator sandals, which have also been in the spotlight this summer. While her dress was simple, adding the gold body chain helped add an edge to her outfit.

How To: When choosing to wear a body chain, it is always best to choose an outfit that will allow for it to be seen. For a causal summer look you can accessorize the body chain underneath a crop top and complete the look with high-waisted shorts.