Summertime heat cannot hold back fashion trends from making an entrance at every cookout, party or summer vacation. Let us bring spring to summer with Baseball T-shirts. Fashionistos, many of you might take trends from sports often (football jerseys, basketball jerseys, etc.), but one of my favorite looks would be baseball.

Baseball has been a great American sport from the beginning of time that has been ahead of trends. For years, their clothes have influenced many styles such as baseball jackets, baseball caps, baseball T-shirts and lighter pants such as khakis. But none have developed as much as the jersey, which has also made it to high fashion runway shows.

The jerseys have went from the normal stripes to having more defined outlines or even just designs all together, including floral, leather or even quilted. This is also a trend in women’s fashion with normal jerseys as well as baseball jersey dresses. This unisex look will break barriers from sporty, edgy and high fashion.

This Fashionisto has made this look work in every way possible. He adds lightly colored joggers to the look and accessorizes with a necklace, watch and a pair of shades for these bright summer days. He also adds textured sneakers to make this look even more essential.

How To: Always wanted to pull off a baseball-inspired look, but you couldn’t quite figure out how? Well now you can with just one tip: keep it casual. It is all about looking comfortable no matter where you are at…let’s just call it “Casual Couture.” Feel free to keep it simple—the jersey will do all the work for you. Whether you are a Fashionista or Fashionisto, this tip will work for you!