ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bandanas Are Back

October 5th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bandanas Are Back

While living in the south for the past six years, I have come to learn that the weather is on its own schedule. Just because I brought all of my favorite sweaters from home, it doesn’t mean the weather will magically become crisp and hot cocoa ready. Though while we are stuck in the state of “in-between,” we can easily wear jeans without sweating an immense amount.

This Fashionista effortlessly wears her boyfriend jeans (not actually her boyfriend’s) and rocks them perfectly with her adidas. My all time favorite combo is pairing boyfriend jeans with a simple top. It’s just a really clean and casual look, which is perfect for rocking to class.

To be honest, I personally prefer heels with this outfit, but with the hills that stretch all over campus, it makes sense not to wear them. The adidas are a nice touch, subtly matching yet complementing the black-and-white bandana. The bandana…where do I begin. It is probably a classic accessory that has many uses. Wear it on your arm, your head or around your neck, and it will look effortlessly fun.

The white, off-the-shoulder top was perfectly complemented by a chic, white watch. I’m not a watch person myself, but I would gladly sport this one since it basically matches everything. The turquoise ring immediately caught my eye when I saw this Fashionista walk by on campus.

This bandana chic, boyfriend jean, off-the-shoulder combo gives me butterflies. Great outfits are defined by their accessories. Great accessories represent a RAD person.