ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bandanas and Bombers and Booties, Oh My!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Bandanas and Bombers and Booties, Oh My!

Happy March Fashionistas/os! This means that it is finally going to start warming up soon—hopefully. However, if you’re in a state like Ohio, you are currently in that stage of bipolar weather where it is 76 degrees and sunny one day and then it’s a 30 degree blizzard the next. This is also the “it’s too hot for a winter coat, but too cold for nothing” weather. So, it is time to bring out all the different types of jackets you own.

This Fashionista rocked putting together an outfit that not only looks great, but is perfect for the confusing weather. She started off with topping a basic white T-shirt with a hunter green bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are a huge trend right now. They are great for adding some style when you need to throw a jacket on over your outfit.

She then paired that with some black jeans and a belt. Adding a belt with more of a statement buckle like hers is a great way to add more to your outfit. It pops out just enough to be noticeable while still coordinating with the overall look—and you thought belts were just to hold pants up.

Another accessory that she added to the outfit for some effortless chic is the bandana tied around her neck. I can bet that everyone has at least one bandana tucked in a drawer or closet somewhere in their room; well, get it out and rock it. Bandanas are such a classic accessory, whether it’s for your hair, neck, or anywhere else. So, next time you’re looking at your outfit in a mirror and feel like it just needs a little something extra, it might be time for you to bring back that bandana just like this Fashionista did.

Last, but definitely not least, she threw on some black booties to complete the look. Okay, I cannot express how much I love black booties. If you don’t have some, I suggest you get a pair ASAP. They are such versatile pair of shoes that can bring some style to every outfit. They’re literally so simple, but somehow they just add a little glam and chicness to any outfit you match with them.

Overall, I am loving every piece of this outfit and how this Fashionista put it all together. She really showed that if you add a few accessories, like belts and a bandanna, you can take the outfit to a whole new level of style!