Looking for a festival-style look but not wanting to go full Coachella? Perhaps it’s not quite warm enough in your part of the country yet for you to break out your crop tops and cut-offs. Luckily for us, the boho look is incredibly versatile and can be replicated for most types of weather and creates a variety of looks.

For example, maybe you really are a big fan of the boho look, but prefer looking a bit more dressed up rather than looking like you’ve just rolled out of a 1969 Volkswagen bus when going to class. Making a bohemian look more formal can be tricky, but it’s all in the structure and fabrics of the pieces you choose.

This Fashionista’s outfit created a balance between casual bohemian and more put-together pieces. Rather than pairing her Penny-Lane-from-Almost-Famous embroidered floral top with barely there high-waisted cutoffs (a Coachella staple), she opted for slightly shredded boyfriend jeans. Her cuffed boyfriend jeans create just the right vertical lines to bring gravity to her gauzy peasant top. Our Fashionista’s brown leather heeled Chelsea boots also bring a more composed edge to the outfit. By mixing festival wear with seemingly more conventional pieces, our Fashionista creates an outfit she could easily wear to class or out with friends. The alternate pairings keep a fun-loving feel while giving our Fashionista a more mature edge.

How To: Don’t be afraid to mix more structured and casual pieces! Slightly distressed or stonewashed denim jeans with a boyfriend cut provide just enough balance to a more whimsical top. If pairing these pieces with ankle boots isn’t casual enough for you, you can always fall back on a reliable pair of gladiator sandals.