I have always considered black to be very chic and ultra urban. Black has become a more recent staple in my own wardrobe because I love its simplicity. Black can be styled to suit any mood: grunge, edgy or even with a bit of vintage glamour. Another lovely thing about it? You can be extra creative with how you combine pieces because they automatically match! Mixing textures, fabric weights and adding layers looks spectacular and gives new dimension to something that seems so basic (which it’s not!). So what makes this Fashionista’s outfit so spectacular?

Her oversized sweater is adorable and looks even better because she emphasizes its size by layering it over contrasting pieces. Something large and loose fitting looks beautiful over a fluttery printed skirt. The juxtaposition of the structured sweater with the skirt goes perfectly. I completely love the change in length as well: the bit of hem poking out of the top is unexpected and very modern. It’s all brought together with tall black boots (that are perfect for the snow!) and super thick tights.

Black is a beautiful non-color. It is known as an absence of light, but this Fashionista’s look isn’t lacking anything! Have you gone to the dark side yet?

How To: If you’re just joining the dark side, start off with cozy basics: comfort is always key in a Fashionista’s closet! Next, mix in some prints. Whether they’re geometric, floral or anything in between, the more the better! Last, add texture. Bulky knits, hints of fringe or edgy bits of leather mix it up and add interest!