ALL IN THE DETAILS: Back to Basics

Fashion has the power to show off a person’s personality, make a bold statement and make a good first impression, but when a girl has nothing to wear, this can be the biggest struggle of the century. All clothes thrown on the floor in desperate search of the perfect outfit is a scene that is very common to every Fashionista. Getting in a fashion rut is common and also can be very difficult to recover. Need a new way to wear the clothes you already have? Look no further. This Fashionista revamps her winter wardrobe by wearing basic staples in a new and fresh way.

Staples are items that are key to every wardrobe. They almost never go out of style and are basic items that complement the ever-changing fashion forward trends. Staples like a plain white T-shirt, a pair of blue jeans and red lipstick are all things that have continually been in style for the past several years and most likely aren’t going out of style any time soon.

This Fashionista revamps her everyday staples by focusing in on the details of her outfit. Starting with her accessories she wears simple details that complement everyday style. Her pearl necklace, brown riding boots and Coach bag are all basic staples that tastefully pair with her outfit. Her blouse sets her apart with subtle neon pink stripes.

How To: Want to revamp your wardrobe? Start with staple items such as a plain white T-shirt or a favorite pair of blue jeans. Starting with these basics, add on accessories. Pulling out an old designer purse from the back of the closet or layering different jewelry can be fun ways to re-wear old items in a new way.