ALL IN THE DETAILS: Back to Basics

As many of us are eagerly awaiting the end of the semester, it becomes much harder to get up for class and be there on time. If you’re like me, this is especially hard and quite the challenge when you want to look fashionable and trendy for class while also making it on time. My April Fashionista shows us that going back to basics is always in style and shows us how even the simplest look can be great!

Recently, I myself have been wearing more of the no-fail skinny jeans and white T-shirt look, but I love how this Fashionista takes it up a notch! Her red colored leather jacket packs just the right amount of color punch! This Fashionista, who I met while home on a break in New Jersey, also took her basic white T-shirt up a notch! The deep V-neck back adds an edge to the look that is fun and youthful. It’s the perfect way to add some edge to the look and completely make it your own! This Fashionista was also smart to wear a black bralette underneath. Whether it may be cotton, lace, or floral print, it’s a great way to add some personality and texture to any basic look.Since a plain white T-shirt is the perfect blank canvas for any Fashionista, I loved the way she added a choker necklace to her look and an extra layered one. Her combat boots were the perfect finishing touch to complete the simple look.

Getting back to Jersey made me see that basics are never boring! Stay tuned for more of my favorite looks around campus!