ALL IN THE DETAILS: Baby Trinkets and Accents

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Baby Trinkets and Accents

Although the groundhog saw its shadow this year, we all can’t wait for spring ’17 to come! This Fashionista, a junior at Fordham University has broken out an outfit that’s suitable for this cold weather, but it’s clear she can’t wait for the warm weather to come either! Like the weather, she is slowly emerging from the ready to leave winter weather. Her choice in wardrobe is undoubtably cute, but what I wanted to share were the little accents that wouldn’t necessarily catch your eye at first glance, but is what pulls everything together.

On her winter trench coat, this Fashionista simply attached a pin, making it unique. Paired with her customized plate necklace and the eye catching logo initials on her turtleneck, it leaves the eye intrigued. Her top half is simple yet effective. My favorite piece is definitely her bangle—it’s bananas (pun intended)! With that, she also has the matching customized bracelet that you can order from Etsy. The pop of red color from her vintage bag completes the look.

Other than her cute accessories, her skort! The black and white plaid allows it to be wearable in the winter, yet the skin showing piece is welcoming for the warmer weather. So, if you can’t wait to pull out some clothes for the warmer weather, why not try integrating it in some winter items. I know I can’t wait for the temperature to be higher than the dirty thirties!

Many of time with accessorizing, it becomes hard to know what to wear. This Fashionista shares her insight: to keep it subtle and small while allowing it to pull together your look. Another issue is over accessorizing. To prevent this problem a lot of us may approach, this Fashionista explains that since she leans towards simplicity, it never is an issue! Simple clothes allows for a lot of accessories; busy clothes, keep the accessories tame. Maybe that’s the secret!

This trendy Fashionista shares that her recent inspiration has been drawn from 90’s French fashion. She reveals it as a time/place with incredible simplicity without be boring. Another big inspiration is her mom as she shares with me that some of the things she has on are actually from her mom’s closet! So next time you are looking to accessorize or find some inspiration maybe all you have to do is look at home instead of going out to buy something new! A great way to save money and wear something vintage. If you have a shopping addiction like me, try consignment shops! Those and sample sales are how this Fashionista was able to get her hands on small pieces that amplify her outfits.

Let me know how you guys accessorize by sharing and tagging me in your ideas! Love to see what you guys all have come up with.