On a cold winter morning, sometimes the last thing you want to do is pick a cute outfit to wear. The thought of leggings, an oversized hoodie and UGGs is all too real, especially when your roommate just walked out of the house wearing that exact same outfit and looked super comfy. However, I am here to show you how you can achieve the same level of comfort, while looking fashionable!

This Fashionista found the perfect alternative to sweats with an oversized Aztec printed sweater. She was also able to keep the rest of her outfit simple with a gorgeous pair of maroon pants, black Coach riding boots and a plain black shirt. The detail in this sweater makes the outfit stand out and be bold, yet fashionable. Additionally, it adds warmth on any cold winter morning without putting much thought, or effort, into choosing what to wear. Another key feature of the sweater are the yellow lines on each shoulder. This Fashionista saw that important detail and was able to pair it with her gold GUESS watch.

So, the next time you are tempted to grab the same old hoodie and throw on the same old yoga pants, take a minute and think about your other easy options. Grab an oversized sweater, a cute pair of leggings, some tall boots and you will be ready to start your day in style.

How To: Aztec sweaters are easy to pull off because they usually have numerous different colors in their design. Pick one of those colors from the sweater and match your pants, or shoes, with that color while keeping the rest of your look extremely simple.