June 16th, 2016 at 2:10am

For many college students fashion is one of the easiest ways to express themselves. What a person is wearing makes a great impact on how people perceive them. Some people can be nervous to really let themselves shine, but the welcoming environment of a college campus is the perfect place to experiment with showing your personality through your style. This Fashionisto chooses to express himself through a popular garment: the decked out army jacket.  Army jackets have been fashionable for decades and their lasting power shows how they can make an okay look fantastic!

This Fashionisto has tricked out his standard army jacket with pins and patches that represent his interests and personality including a Cannibal Holocaust enamel pinX-Files enamel pin and a king diamond patch. Though he has mainly incorporated film and music references on his jacket there is a plethora of pins, patches and other small details perfect for each and every individual. The decorated army jacket is very popular in most punk rock and art scenes, but can really fit in any environment.

To make the jacket the focal point, downplay the rest of the outfit. Take for instance the gray Prana pants worn by our Fashionisto, which are fashionable yet simple. You can pair these with a simple T-shirt underneath and the jacket shines as the main event.  He also wears chic Calvin Klein glasses which complement the color and simplicity of the pants.

The only other eccentric piece of the outfit are the hieronymous bosch Dr. Martens boots. Though the boots are busy, they highlight the Fashionisto’s individuality and do not distract from the jacket because they are so separate from each other.

How To: Are you a little afraid to adorn your army jacket? Start small with one or two pins and keep just a few, or branch out to a fully decked out jacket depending on your personal preference!