ALL IN THE DETAILS: Army Green Advisory

Has anyone else noticed the temperamental weather in L.A.? It’s boiling hot when you are getting ready, and then you step outside and suddenly there’s a chill in the air. This turns to a slight nip as soon as the evening is on the horizon. These hot, cold phases make it so hard for me to settle on an outfit; that’s why I have become obsessed with jackets. Jackets are the best way to quickly set a tone to your outfits and pack on layers according to the weather. This Fashionista here is rocking her style and her camo jacket is key.

Her camo jacket transformed this look to a whole new level with a touch of military-chic. Starting off with a pair of classic leggings and a white draped tank top to create a baseline style which can be categorized as girly, she threw on a camo print jacket for an extra layer. The jacket along with her monochromic sneakers creates an edgier tone, which is a nice contrast to the girly one. This Fashionista carefully balanced out the pieces within each style so that neither is overshadowing the other. In fact, the opposing styles add a twist to her outfit which makes it stand out more. Next, she accessorized with a gorgeous choker that speaks to both her rocker personality and her love for elegance. Since her tank top had a lower neckline, this Fashionista also added a longer necklace to draw attention. The heart shaped pendant not only balances out the spacing of her outfit, it contributes to her girly style. Finally, with a swipe of mascara and a dash of lip gloss, this Fashionista is ready to take on the day.

This is the perfect outfit to add a spark of edge into a more girly style. With this outfit, you are ready for a day around town, by the pier, or even more adventurous activities like a short hike. 

How To: To get this military-chic look, start off with something simple. Floaty tops are a quick way to a more girly vibe, then give your outfit a twist by contrasting it with a touch from another style. Jackets are my favorite way to do that, a military jacket, a leather jacket, a tribal cardigan or a preppy blazer, take a pick depending on your mood! To finish off, add on your favorite jewelry and you are good to go.