ALL IN THE DETAILS: Arise And Accessorize

September 8th, 2016 at 2:00am
ALL IN THE DETAILS: Arise And Accessorize

In Conway, Arkansas, the sun is hot, the pavement is on fire and the sweat is real.  Students are walking across campus dreaming of air-conditioned classrooms, ice-cold refreshments and a sweat-free face. Being stylish in these conditions is not always easy, but I can guarantee you that it’s certainly possible.

I spotted this Fashionista on campus and had to applaud her for her ability to create a simple, yet sophisticated look. A fun and classic combination, she chose a cute, light-weight white top with accented patterns on the shoulders, denim shorts (a hot weather staple) and Birkenstocks—the perfect shoe choice for days when the sun is blistering.

The most important aspect of this look, though, lies in the combination of her accessories. Together she pairs two silver rings and a long beaded necklace that add so much flair to the outfit. The juxtaposition of the simple top and shorts with the glam of the jewelry makes for a unique and fun style choice that helps the look evolve. The details transform the outfit, making this Fashionista a trendsetter on campus.

A look like this one is perfect for days when the weather is mean, but looking cute remains indispensable. This look does not require any fancy heels or multiple layers and it still manages to achieve a simple, dressy effect. What is accomplished, then, is a look that underscores this Fashionista’s own personal style, allowing her to express herself even on the hottest of days.