ALL IN THE DETAILS: Are You Faux-Real?

After scrolling through Pinterest during my “brief” study break, I came across a quote that truly hit a soft spot for myself and probably every other tech-savvy Fashionista/o out there: “We reblog the clothes we think we deserve.” Not only did I actually laugh out loud (in the silent section of the library) at this beyond true statement, but I shared it with all my other blogger friends. I’ve recently been repinning and reblogging all things fuzzy, furry and vests. This Fashionista sported one similar to many that I’ve been seeing online, and I absolutely love her look.

First and foremost, I just don’t think this Fashionista could be any more adorable! She deserves a round of applause for being able to look so chic and trendy in such atrocious weather. Her light olive green pants offer such a nice change from all the classic blue jeans and leggings we see on a day to day basis. Wearing colored bottoms is a great way to make your outfit stand out, and they always look perfect when paired with a neutral colored top. Her white sweater complements her pants nicely and has a really special touch with the decorative, braided shoulders.

This Fashionista also chose to be adventurous with her layering and went for the warm look with a fabulous knit scarf and vest. Scarves are always perfect for winter and serve as great accessories since you can’t necessarily wear your favorite ones year round, so it’s important to wear them while you can! However, the faux fur vest really takes home the cake. It’s such a solid winter statement piece and easily vamps up any outfit. It’s super important to help keep our furry friends safe when buying winter accessories and choose the faux fur lifestyle. Not only is it cheaper, but it also saves tons of animal lives!

This Fashionista’s classic yellow Timberlands were true “solemates” and looked fabulous with the rest of her outfit. I also love that she chose to add a hot pink lipstick; it’s such a fun color and makes it feel like spring could just be right around the corner.

How To: Feel like adding an extra layer to your look? Throw on a chic faux fur vest over your favorite sweater. Use vests as your February statement piece—hopefully winter will be over soon!