ALL IN THE DETAILS: Animals Gone Wild!

As someone who loves to explore different styles, I have never bought an accessory or a piece of clothing that has animal print. In general, I avoid cheetah-printed loafers and zebra striped skirts as pieces in my wardrobe. Many aspiring Fashionistas and Fashionistos gravitate towards animal prints, but often the print can make an outfit look less classy and even cheap!

This Fashionista, however, approaches animal prints in an innovative and timeless manner. Instead of choosing a zebra striped scarf, she found a pattern with multiple depictions of zebra. The Fashionista still gives off a safari and outdoorsy feel and she accomplishes this without the cliché of animal fur.

One of the most recognized designers today shares a similar point of view. Hermès releases a select number of designs and a vast majority of them are illustrations of different animals. In fact, one would rarely find a Hermès scarf with cheetah spots or other animal markings. Each scarf is artistically designed, and this Fashionista expresses a similar aesthetic with the zebra on her scarf.

Observing the whole outfit, she kept her dress, jacket and shoes simple. All of her clothes have an earthy feel, which brings out the vibrancy in the red scarf. The Fashionista wears an L.L.Bean jacket and she layers it over a Forever 21 black dress. Most importantly she mentions, “The scarf was my grandmother’s…I know she bought it in Charleston.” As an important side note, vintage clothing can make an outfit look more authentic. Most likely no one will have the same jacket or pair of shoes, which makes one’s style more personal and unique. Back to the scarf, the Fashionista also emphasizes the smaller details. For example, the plaid lining inside her coat ties in with the red scarf. In addition, her brown jacket and her Nine West shoes bring out the brown hues seen on the zebra, which makes the whole outfit look cohesive.

How To: For all those Fashionistas and Fashionistos who love animals, there are other ways to incorporate them into your daily outfits. Try to lean towards pieces that portray beautiful illustrations of animals. Cheetah spots and zebra stripes are overrated and they are not always the answer to an elegant ensemble. Images of animals can make a look quirky, yet sophisticated. Once the Fashionista or Fashionisto walks down the street in an animal scarf, no one will question his or her artistic approach to fashion.