ALL IN THE DETAILS: Anchor a Theme to Sail a Story

The act of storytelling has been one of the most influential factors in forming society as we know it. Storytelling started off with smearing animal blood on cave walls and dancing around a fire, but it has grown so much since. Now we have countless ways to share our stories. There are books, movies, music, dances, plays and even the classic telling of a frightening tail while roasting marshmallows around a campfire. Yes, storytelling is everywhere, but why is it so important?

Storytelling is not only a way for us to express our emotions, but also to connect with other people, create bonds and gain knowledge. A form of storytelling that does all this is choosing an outfit. When somebody wears an outfit with an interesting story it attracts the surrounding people and makes them more inclined to spark up a conversation with you. These conversations could lead to new friendships, a boost in confidence or even just a sneak peek into somebody’s life.

You may be wondering, how do I make sure my outfit tells a story? It’s easy; just make sure there is a common theme. Each outfit has its basics like a shirt, pants and shoes, but what makes an outfit interesting are the details you add to it. For example, this Fashionista tells her story through a nautical theme with recurring sailboat details. There is a small boating detail in almost everything she is wearing starting out from the sailboat pattern on her shorts to a similar sailing design on her shoes. The details of her jewelry add a very unique flair to the look while still continuing with the theme. Her jewelry consists of an anchor necklace, an oar shaped ring and a collection of traveling/boating inspired charm bangles. Each detail added a new element to the story and made it more intriguing. Now people will be wondering about her story. Does she like to sail? Is she a traveler? Where has she been? Where does she plan to sail next? With all these questions in mind people can’t help but question her about it because they want to know what’s going to happen next in her story. It’s all about the details when getting a story across; just pick a theme and run with it!

How To: Tell your story by first picking a theme. Then find pieces of jewelry that have small pendants or designs that relate to that theme. The key to making these differently designed details match is to keep them made of the same material or have the same color. This will keep the look cohesive, like how this Fashionista kept all her jewelry silver. To top off your look start bringing your themed details into other aspects of your outfit with a decal on your shoes, pants, shirt, bag or hat. This will add to your theme and therefore enhance your story.