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Though the holidays have come to an end and we are getting back into the monotonous swing of our everyday routines, this is not an excuse to let the cheer out of our souls and style choices. This Fashionista kept her look full of holiday happiness by playing with some soft and feminine lace in her otherwise structured ensemble.

She sported a deep red velour peplum top with some lace detailing on the sleeves and back. The top itself experiments with two textures that are not typically seen together in a piece. The velour complements the softness of the lace and presents a very pretty and effortless look — great for breaking out of the post holiday blues. The deep red color of the blouse also promotes some sophistication amongst the playful mix of textures.

The bottom of her outfit was kept plain and simple, which is perfect to keep the attention on the lace detailing on the top of her blouse. The monochromatic palette is flattering for her bottom half, and lets the beautiful top grab the attention of passers-by, as it should. Though her bottom half is all black, the fitted pencil skirt flatters her figure and balances the Fashionista’s physique, achieving the hourglass look that everyone vies for. Her black tights and patent leather stilettos are trendy and original, but basic enough to let the texturized top be the star of the show.

To top the outfit off and to add an unexpected pop of color, our Fashionista draped silvery-gray metallic leather Gucci cross-body purse on her arm. The style is simple and petite, perfect for the femininity in her outfit, but also gives her outfit some edge — just what she needs to counter the angelic lace.

How To: Playing with lace is not as limiting as one would think. Since the trend is becoming very popular these days, it’s easy to see it in many different forms. To incorporate lace into everyday wear, try a simple sweater with lace detailing on the front. If you are feeling a bit more daring, try wearing a top made of entirely lace. Either way, you’ll be winning the race with lace!