ALL IN THE DETAILS: Always Wear Your Crown

July 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Music festivals are unavoidable during the summer, especially during your college years. It seems to be all anyone is posting about. I never really understood all the hype over these festivals until last summer when I went to Pitchfork with a couple of friends. It is such a stimulating atmosphere. There is excitement in every corner. It is still not personally something I gravitate towards, but I get why people my age are addicted to going. One thing I did love about the experience was looking at all the crazy fashion choices. It was like there were no rules when it came to what people would wear.

Flower crowns have been quite the phenomenon for a few years now. I would say the trend is starting to dwindle compared to previous years, but it is still something you’re going to be seeing. I don’t care how worn out the flower crown trend has become from everyone wearing these pieces, I still think it’s just so fun. They are cute statement accessories, and the person wearing them is always smiling. I also just think they are pretty.

This Fashionista was sporting a headband, similar to that of a flower crown, that complemented her outfit by giving off the opposite vibe. Her outfit was all relaxed, breezy and festival wear, but her hair was very feminine and more polished looking. It was not the most expected pairing, but I would say that she made it work. It also is probably more practical to keep your hair out of your face on a hot summer day. You don’t want that getting in your way when you’re trying to listen to three different bands at once while standing in a mob of other sweaty people. I’m making it not sound as gross as I actually thought it was. Even though it’s really not my scene, I think I am in the minority of most college kids. The only thing that would make me go again would be if I was in the mood to dress up in some festival fashion and have a flower crown sit upon my head. Otherwise, I’ll probably just be at the Lincoln Park Zoo trying to pet all the animals.

How To: If you are looking to get that summer festival look, a boho flower crown is a must. An arm of bracelets is usually all the accessories you need besides a cute pair of stud earrings, and a lighthearted graphic tank top is a nice staple piece.