ALL IN THE DETAILS: Always Accessorize

September 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

School is back in session and it is time to reflect on summer memories and prepare for fall. The beginning of the school year signals a time for transformation, not only in the seasons, but also in our wardrobes. Time spent dreaming of a day by the pool has shifted to daydreaming about shuffling through leaves in warm layers.

Unfortunately for students here at Arizona State University, the summer weather lingers until late October. Fall is a time to experiment with outfits, but in the desert we have to be a little more creative with how we experiment, because to my dismay it is just too hot to wear my favorite denim jacket on campus this September.

Though the weather prevents students at Arizona State University from fully embracing their fall wardrobe, the fall semester still serves as the perfect time to experiment with one’s wardrobe. One way to experiment with your outfit is by accessorizing. Accessories can transform a boring and dull outfit into an exciting outfit with character.

I met this Fashionista on campus and was immediately drawn to her necklace. The necklace not only helps complete her outfit, but it also adds color and serves as a great conversation piece. This outfit is perfect for a day on campus when you want to look professional and ready to learn. You can find a pink blouse at Macy’s and a pair of black heels at ModCloth. To complete the outfit you can wear a similar necklace from charming charlie.

How To: When attempting to recreate this outfit it is important to select a necklace that stands out. Be brave and don’t be afraid to select a big bold necklace to liven up your outfit.