All IN THE DETAILS: Alluring Accessories

All IN THE DETAILS: Alluring Accessories

Statement jewelry has been a fashion must-have for a couple years now, and the obsession with obtuse necklaces, rings and bracelets continues. I spotted this Fashionista as she walked to class. She was wearing a long puffy coat (she took it off for the photo) since it was 10 degrees in Michigan, and I caught a glimpse of her fabulous necklace. Although the necklace is black and gold, the detailing of her statement piece is something to admire.

The layers and free movements of the necklace are what make it interesting and eyecatching. Adding a conspicuous necklace is an easy way to dress up a relatively dull outfit. When walking to class in wintery weather, the outfit choices seem to parallel the season being dreary and lacking color. A necklace is such an easy way to add color or dress up an outfit.

Coupling a strong statement piece necklace with a more subtle outfit allows the focus to follow the statement jewelry, rather than the outfit. This Fashionista eloquently did this by keeping her outfit choice relatively simple. Her black leggings, tank top, leather bag, boots and neutrally colored Aztec-inspired cardigan effectively allowed for the necklace to be the main focus piece of her outfit. If you love her necklace, check out this black and gold pendulous necklace or this less dramatic one.

How To: Tend to shy away from color, but don’t know how to dress up your look besides adding a pop of color? Add a bold accessory. Like this Fashionista’s outfit, opt for more neutral shades with the statement necklace as that “pop of color.”