ALL IN THE DETAILS: All-White Is Alright

Accents in fashion are extremely important. Whether you add a bold necklace to spice up a simple outfit or tie in a bright color to make your outfit pop, you can never go wrong with add-ons. This University of Florida Fashionista decided to do exactly this, by adding some small gold accessories to her all -white/cream ensemble. There are countless opinions on whether shades of white and cream should be worn together since they look so much alike, but this Fashionista knew what she was doing.

Instead of solely wearing these very similar colors, she added bright gold Tory Burch sandals. In addition, a gold pearl necklace and some small gold rings were chosen to add color as well. White and gold go so well together, and they give off that Grecian vibe too! Lastly, her black nail polish seemingly matched her black eye glasses (although I’m not sure if she did this on purpose, but it definitely worked out in her favor). By tying in accessories that were not solely white, this Fashionista was able to successfully pull this outfit off.

Many people believe that white-on-white or cream-on-white outfits are too boring, but by adding some colorful accessories, a stylish and classy outfit can be created. Along with this Fashionista, many style bloggers such as Chiara Ferragni have proven to the fashion world how chic this can look! It is a pivotal moment in any Fashionista’s life when they can pull off an outfit that has brought about doubts.

How To: Love your white skinny jeans but are too scared to wear them with a white or cream top? Go for it! Just add some gold layered necklaces or any other colored necklace to accentuate your clothing. If your feeling extra bold, wear some colorful shoes and bracelets as well. Prove to the world that you have the style and confidence to pull this look off!