At first glance, this might be your typical all-black sweats and tank top outfit. But if you take a closer look, you’ll see how much it takes for this Fashionista to give this laid back look its personality.

Let’s start with this Fashionista’s top. Well actually, it’s a bathing suit that she chose to wear as a tank. This is a really great way to transform any full piece bathing suit. Additionally, she decided to tie the strings of the bathing suit around her neck for an added detail, rather than tying them into a bow.

Her neck party is a transformation of another unconventional piece that she has concerted into a necklace– her dad’s handkerchief. This recent trend can also be achieved with a bandana. The beaded tooth necklace came straight from Africa, adding more detail to her look along with her dad’s handkerchief.

The simplest detail in this Fashionista’s outfit is her high socks. A basic element that you might not have picked up at first glance, these Nike socks give her already incredible kicks that extra edge and ties together the rest of the black in her outfit.

Although her look gives off laid-back vibes and portrays her chill personality, the details give her look that extra push and make her so original.

How To: Take any look to a new level by transforming unconventional items to complete your look. This Fashionista did this with a bathing suit and a handkerchief, but there are plenty of other ways to achieve this look. For example, tie a scarf into a cover-up on your way to the beach or tie a ribbon into a choker for a night out to achieve an effortless and unique look with every outfit.