As sweater weather is approaching, that means bring out the booties and suede skirts! This Fashionista put together some of my favorite new and old trends for the perfect outfit for the Fall.

My favorite new trend is the lace-up shirts, which is what this Fashionista is sporting!  She says herself how the little detail adds a lot of character and personality to the outfit and pulls it all together.  I then thought how the white top went so perfectly with the black skirt.  The black, suede, button-up skirt adds subtle detail to the outfit that makes it perfect for the Fall.

Along with the details in the outfit, the accessories really pulled this look together and made this Fashionista stand out to me!  She matched a wide rimmed, tan hat with a black tie around it to match with the skirt. Along with the hat, she wore tan suede booties that also are a great fall accessory.  I think that with the hat and the booties, it really ties the whole fall look together and is great for the sweater weather season.

When it comes to fall, the options and the accessories are endless! Feel the spirit of the season with all things fall!

How To:  Copying this outfit is so easy because of the simplicity of the style.  For the top, it can be found here from Topshop. The suede black skirt can be found at Forever 21. As for the accessories, they can both be found from Urban Outfitters.  The hat can be found here and similar shoes can be found here.