ALL IN THE DETAILS: All Straps And Sparkles

The back to school season might be quickly approaching, but the summer heat has just begun! Attempting to look feminine can be a bit of a challenge when the heat causes nothing but sweaty and gross frustration, enough to make one throw his or her hands up and plant oneself in front of air conditioning all day long. However, there are definitely ways to overcome this problem, one of them being a detailed spaghetti strap top. If you didn’t want to face the heat before, you’ll definitely want to now with a top like this!

Our Fashionista here is literally sparkling in her detailed, thinly strapped top. She chose a nude color so that the sparkles show more radiantly when they come in contact with the sun. This particular top is able to keep you cool both physically and fashionably, not to mention it is a summer staple. Since this top is so popular, it comes in any color you can possibly imagine, and the top’s gemstones are just one of the dozens of options you can experiment with in order to add some pretty detail. This kind of top can easily be layered or worn alone, so you can wear it for practically any season or occasion!

This Fashionista decided to make two basic colors a running theme in her outfit: nude and black. She pairs her sparkly neutral top with black shorts, a cute pair of strappy flats and a small gold and turquoise necklace. Black shorts can go with any color shirt, and black makes for a perfect casual or dressy color. The flats not only capture the colors in her top and shorts, but the straps around her ankles complement the strappy look this Fashionista is aiming for. The tiny necklace adds both a pop of color and just enough detail to work with the top rather than go against it. With this stylish outfit choice, you’ll be more motivated than ever to go out, no matter what the weather might hold!

How To: A night out with some friends is without a doubt a good occasion to wear the strappy look! Stick with no more than a few colors you are comfortable wearing, add some sparkles and you’re ready to go!