If I had to describe my style, it would be classic with feminine details. The clothes that I love wearing always seem to be right in the middle between masculine and feminine. In fashion and in life, I never like putting myself into just one category. I never really dress all out feminine or masculine. I balance it out by usually wearing more detailed pieces in neutral colors. I find that this allows me to dress more feminine without being over the top girly. When I saw this Fashionista, my first thought was “Wow I want that!” It was the perfect “girly but not too girly” summer outfit. What made this outfit so great were the details. The individual pieces together could’ve easily been a simple thrown on outfit, but this Fashionista took it to a higher level.

The outfit was pretty much just a little black dress and sandals, which sounds like your garden variety outfit. Each individual piece, however, had something special about it. The dress had this amazing ruffle detailing in the bodice which added femininity to the dress. I feel like the addition of the ruffling really made it a lot more versatile. You could either dress it up or down. This Fashionista decided to dress it down with some bejeweled sandals. I loved the sandals because they added some casual glamour which is great for summer. This Fashionista could’ve easily thrown on a pair of flip flops, but she upgraded the whole look with her choice of sandal.

To finish off the look, this Fashionista threw on a simple pendant and a couple of bracelets. The choice of accessories continued the trend of subtle femininity which was a constant throughout the ensemble. This outfit was a great choice for summer and, with additional pieces, would be great in fall and spring as well.

How To: Start with a simple sundress with a flirty detail. It can be ruffles, maybe some sequins, anything to just give a pop to the dress. Next, throw on your favorite pair of sandals. Finally, add a few simple pieces of jewelry and you’re good to go!