Every good Fashionista knows that the one major piece of their look that finally pulls everything together is their footwear. I know we’ve all been there, trying to decide on the perfect outfit for that special event. We’ve all spent plenty of time pulling clothes out of our closets, as we agonize over the picture perfect ensemble for the occasion. With clothes spread all over the floor, we know we are getting close, but something just isn’t right. Then it hits us: it’s the shoes! The look will finally be complete with the right style of footwear.

There are so many ways to complete an outfit with different styles of shoes. You can go dressier with a cute pair of heels or wedges, or you can go more casual with flats or sandals—it all depends on the look you are trying to create. Winter and the cold put another twist on style. Keeping warm is important, so boots are a great option. There are many cuts, colors, textures and styles of boots, and the perfect choice will make any outfit pop.

This Fashionista pulled off a well-coordinated boho look, culminated with the perfect pair of boots. From the baggy cardigan, leggings and fringed handbag, this entire look screams boho. Whether the outfit is viewed from the front or back, the bohemian influences are obvious. The worn leather two-toned boots, with laces in the back, nailed this style. The rear-laced boots accentuate the fringed handbag and, when used together, this combination is unique and fashionable. These boots open up options for many other looks. A furry gilet or cropped jacket would be perfect choice for keeping the boho look. Or, the boots could easily pull together a completely different, preppy look, as well.

How To: Do you want to be just like this Fashionista? It’s simple, and it all starts with the right pair of boots. If you don’t have any boots in your closet, find a pair of leather, mid-calf boots, with or without laces. Whether you choose boots for warmth or fashion, it won’t matter. These will become the focal point of the boho, preppy or trendy look of your choice.