ALL IN THE DETAILS: All-Gold Everything

The past few days have definitely been a shock to Seattle. With a week of hot weather finally hitting town, this Fashionista flaunted the most perfect summer outfit to wear out and about amidst the heat.

To stay cool, she chose to wear in a yellow and white blended chiffon dress with a cute, wrap-around tie at the waist. To go along with her golden-toned dress, she perfectly matched the rest of her accessories to give off a nice summer feel. On her wrist is a pair of gold bangles with a small stone accent. She then paired the bracelet along in addition to her gold teardrop-shaped earrings.

The entire ensemble gives off the perfect summer vibe. With her yellow-toned dress and her gold accessories, all one can think about when looking at her is the sun and warm weather. Not only is this outfit perfect for the summer heat, but also it is also ideal for running around and doing errands, attending graduation parties, and it is ideal for a fancy brunch with the family. She demonstrates a very classy yet easy look to achieve here.

To go along with her golden-toned outfit, this Fashionista decided to put on a simple pair of black sandals. The shoes really tie together the outfit by adding a different pop of color. They are still fancy enough, with their rhinestone detail, but they manage to break up the outfit a bit because of their neutral color.

How To: Want to rock some gold like this Fashionista here? Put on a cute summer outfit and make sure that all your accessories are gold in color! Make sure to not clash jewelry by wearing both gold and silver pieces at once.