July 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

As my personal style has matured, I find myself drawn to simpler, delicate pieces. Gone are the tight slogan T-shirts and mega distressed flare jeans of my middle school years. Instead, I’ve filled my wardrobe with clean basics and I let my accessories do the talking.

What instantly caught my eye were, literally, this Fashionista’s super RAD earrings—a conversation starter for sure. But as I took stock of the rest of this Fashionista’s ensemble, I was instantly struck by how she managed to elevate the basics. A button-up and jeans are a classic, tried and true combination, but with the addition of a few key statement accessories, this Fashionista instantly amped up the wow factor. A stack of thin, layered necklaces is a great way to inject a bit of personality into your outfit. Stacking jewelry is also a great way to practice the “bigger is better” motto without looking too over the top.

Mixing patterns is tricky to say the least, but this Fashionista pulls it off with ease. The cute printed wallet worn as a clutch saves your shoulders from the pain of lugging around a heavy purse, plus the floral pattern matches the whimsical vibes of the necklaces. A statement pair of lace-up snakeskin sandals is the perfect summer sandals, giving the look an extra bit of personal flair.

How To: Are you looking to accessorize this summer? Don’t be a sweaty mess under those heavy accessories, instead go for some airy jewels and quirky pieces and you’ll be sure to stay cool. Don’t be afraid to mix and match styles as fashion is all about experimenting, so find the accessory pairings that work for you.