ALL IN THE DETAILS: All Denim, All the Time

Denim-on-denim tends to make the average person cringe when done wrong. Remember Britney and Justin? Yikes. There have been too many mishaps with this trend, which have pushed away some denim enthusiasts.

Over the years, denim has regained its place as a staple piece. However, you can understand my surprise when I spotted this Fashionista rocking the full denim-on-denim look without any flaws. She caught my eye via her ability to incorporate the perfect accessories with this ensemble.

First, she started with the traditional chambray, essential in every Fashionista’s/o’s wardrobe. Whether thrown on, tied around the waist or worn as a button-down, chambrays are known to be very versatile. Rather than choosing the same color denim, she opted for darker jeans which contrasted seamlessly with the light blue chambray. It’s important to remember that the best way to successfully achieve the denim-on-denim look is by pairing different dyes of denim together. This creates cohesion and balance.

What stood out to me the most was her faux shearling vest. The vest created movement in her two-toned denim outfit and blended well with her hair color. Simple accessories are the best way to go with this look. This Fashionista went with some bracelets and a pair of burgundy suede booties. This added just the right amount of color without looking over the top.

How To: Interested in taking the denim-on-denim risk? Pair a light blue, denim button-down with dark denim bottoms. Accessorize simply with a stack of bracelets, a neutral colored vest and some suede booties to avoid a look that is too overwhelming.