All In The Details: All Black With a Pop

Now that it’s a new semester, it’s time to wear all of our new clothes and show them off to everyone at school! Sadly, we can’t bring our whole entire wardrobe back to the dorm because let’s face it. When you’re as addicted to shopping as much as I am, there’s no way you can fit all of your clothes in a dorm closet. As a student who lives on campus, sometimes I feel like I’m wearing the same clothes and outfits repeatedly over and over again at school. This can be extremely boring and frustrating. But don’t lose hope because this Fashionista proves that it’s very simple to add more interest in your outfit without going over the top.

Lately, while walking around campus, I’ve noticed that a lot of students are following this trend of wearing all black or all white.  Now, this may seem boring to you, but you can always add a pop of color like this Fashionista did, and her scarf really caught my eye. First of all, I love the idea of a bright red with black, it just gave a nice pop to the outfit. Also, all black gives off a classy, professional and put together vibe. I loved how her outfit was so simple and still stood out. The way she tied her scarf was also very unique and I never saw anyone on my campus wear their scarves like that before. The scarf definitely added a nice accent to her all black outfit. A triangle scarf, a bold handbag, bright bracelets or printed shoes are a great way to add statements to an all black outfit.

How To: Winter isn’t the only time of the year when you can pull off wearing all black. Instead of wearing bold colored accessories, try wearing a floral print headband or pastel colors to make the outfit look more suitable for spring. Add a nude nail polish or bold lip to help the outfit stand out.