ALL IN THE DETAILS: All-Black With A Little Flash

It’s been getting colder and colder here in State College and if I’ve noticed anything, it’s that clothes are getting darker and sweaters are becoming a common occurrence. There’s nothing like throwing a warm, cozy sweater on when the wind chill is way below freezing. It feels like you can just snuggle up in your warm apartment and drink hot chocolate for the whole day (even though you have to go to class, ugh!).

That’s what I found most surprising about this Fashionista and her outfit. She chose fashion over comfort here, an admirable feet for most students at Penn State. An all-black outfit can take a few routes. You can either look like a slob or look like a total rebel. This Fashionista definitely crushed the latter.

The focus when you are wearing a neutral color needs to be on the accessories. In this case, the Fashionista’s sunglasses, shoes and rings change the tone of the outfit. The sunglasses complete the look here. It can be incredibly sunny on campus, especially with the reflection off the snow. A good pair of aviators takes the looks from sweet to tough very quickly!

If we look at this Fashionista’s shoes, her black heeled TOMS shoes, we see that there is a bit more of a formal vibe thrown into the outfit. Switching these out for a pair of flats will create more of a casual look, however.

The jewelry that this Fashionista chose adds a little bit of flash to a mostly somber outfit. To take this even further, you can throw on a necklace for some extra glitz!

How To: Are you someone that is afraid to wear all-black? Don’t be! It is one of the easiest colors to wear and is super flattering. Like I said before, the key is in the accessories. Keep the black clothes simple, but throw in some sparkle with your jewelry.